Download UC-Internal v2.3 (Recovery) Grand Theft Auto V hacks and Cheats


Download UC-Internal v2.3 (Recovery) Grand Theft Auto V hacks and Cheats

UC GTA Internal

Hello everyone since a lot of people went to BigBasev2 or are struggling to update their menus, this is a perfect time for free releases. Is nano bad yes but is it good enough for a public menu yea? So here goes nothing, for those of you who don’t care too much about learning to code then this is for you. For those who want signatures, the source, or freehand me outs I’m pretty sure you can PM me and I can send you a few things or I will just end up uploading the source to Git (feel free to contribute). First off I will say thanks to @Astralux and @iKakashi for their banners. I figured I would make this for this update but as it’s a public release I left out things like protections (for now), troll options and a few other things which I may add based on reception.
Yes, I have been using this the past few days you may have even seen me in your game, if you wish to quote on quote learn from this then you are fully welcome, ask what you want to know and maybe I can help. A vehicle bypass you can have that, sigs, if I have them you can also have them I gave out some already. A feature you are interested in or want to be added both works either way. When I upload to git I will put the link at the bottom.
There is also Discord Rich Presence, so if you don’t want others to see, “UC GTA Internal”, “Status: Undetected”, “” then turn off game activity but if you do and there are others using it maybe you can find your soulmate from it so cheers I guess. So pretty much something like this:

If you are still stuck asking yourself well why would you do this well this isn’t really the greatest of work and I do acknowledge that, as it was a few days of work scrapped together for some friends who wanted some small things for the update. I know some will enjoy, others will see only the faults and bugs, others may just hate it because of the type of release, but I personally didn’t see the point in profiting off of this when there is more benefit in adding to the small releases of the GTA section and potentially learning and helping others I do say.
Things I do hate: The UI, The bland Colors, and the fonts


Credits: @anarh1st47, @Cych, and @zdation1 – For prompting me to make this release @pocakking for the cool bases, which I could have but unfortunately didn’t use @Scriptkiddy1337 – For the great external release and work on the Reversal Thread
@Kiddion – For going above and beyond with releases and helping others, his work has helped me in the past and today
@Adventure Gay – For helping and answering questions whenever I ask
@staffsevenxex – For being there from the beginning
@mad2o2 – For some good tips and pointers and feedback
@Astralux and @iKakashi – For the banners, nice work on them by the way
Let me know if I missed you in the creds.
1. Put the “UC-Internal” Folder – unzipped archive in your GTA Directory
2. Load up the game and wait for the legals
3. Inject with any injector using standard injection
4. Once in game open the menu with * and navigate with the numpad or whatever key you set it to.
Always open to constructive criticism or the bad ones that come with using nano/sudo/galaxy. I will update this hopefully periodically to often. You are always free to suggest things and I can see what I can do if you message me on Discord maybe we can work out collaboration or joint effort updating this and more. If you do choose to make a video pm me and I can put it in OP. If you are offended by the credits I’m sorry, I don’t really know what to tell you.
Bugs or crashes please format it like so: Known Bugs:

1. Do you have a table I can look off of in order to get the right value for RP correction?
No, you don’t need to know the exact value, just type the level you want and change sessions.
2. Is it possible to use my own custom header for the menu?
As of right now, the menu doesn’t outright support it but you can use openiv and the UCHeader.ytd to import your own headers and just rename them to any of the already current ones.
3. What do you recommend as a safe amount of money to add?
I personally just say 2.1 Billion, I mean not like you need anything more than that and my rockstars standards you fit in the 2.1 Billion standards, I will be adding remove money soon.
4. Is there anywhere you can talk to me in private?
Yes, you can always use forum PMs but if that bothers you then you can always private message me over discord which is in my sig or over skype I don’t mind either one.
Please don’t message me for quick approvals or to bypass the queue, you will be infracted by mods if you do so. If you get banned, report it to the ban data collection thread and tag me and I will either update as soon as possible or mark the thread as detected, so please also watch the thread for any updates or news.

You can always PM me on discord or on forums with bugs or crashes as well, looking into the injector crash right now and will update with more specific instructions or a binary update once I find out the cause.
Reset lucky wheel may cause bans, note this is risky now. I will take a look into it soon.


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